About Us
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Hello Zesters! 👋

We’re Brian and Lily, and we are the co-creators of Zesty Recipes. We are both self-taught cooks with the dream of making every home cooked meal simple and delicious.

We had the idea for Zesty Recipes while sitting in our New York City apartment after cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for our family. At the end of the night as people were relaxing, someone had asked for the recipe for our lasagne. As with many home cooks, we tend to eyeball the amounts for spices and vary based on how things taste, so the honest answer at the time was “I’m not sure”. After that conversation, we decided that we wanted to record our recipes, not only so that we could share it with our family, but so we could share these recipes with all of you!

As part of Zesty Recipes, we wanted an ingredients list that can be easily followed by a home cook or a chef. This means breaking up the ingredients list and arranging it in the order that it will be used, or as the French will call it Mise en place meaning everything in its place. The days of adding too much salt to an earlier part in the recipe are gone.

By arranging all the ingredients in Mise en place, we realized that this made shopping a little harder to do. To make grocery store trips a bit easier, we arrange our shopping list in the order that you would typically find things in a supermarket. For example, all produce will be listed first, then spices, and finally dairy. The checkboxes are there to check off what you have already and know what you still need while at the supermarket.

Thank you for reading and if you have any recipes or ingredients you would like us to try, please let us know at [email protected].